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Shamari Harbin






Mari Baby's sound is unique
Hitting every note with pleasure and a hint of pain!
We could call her fire, but her melodic sounds flow like water
She is a song bird never broken, overly devoted to her passion which is music!
A true queen in her own right, a born diva standing five-foot eight step into her world
I promise you the Pandora’s box of vocals she displays will make you

regret you are barely finding her now!

California native Shamari “MariBaby” Harbin is a Jack of all trades, as far as entertainment goes.   This Goddess has a quality which contains a distinctive style of vocals that has been featured on countless stages up and down the California coast.

Captivating audiences with her “Sexy & bold” performances.  Her unique style was originated in musical groups like:  The Toledo Show, “C and Company, 3 Diamonds, and Da Breeze Band. 

Mari Baby has a vocal range that blends sounds like Neo-soul, blues, rock and roll, hip hop, R&B, and the iconic Motown.  She derives from a family full of thespians inspired by phenomenal women like her mother Sheri  “The SongByrd”.

These inspirations and sounds have created an environment for Mari Baby to be a charismatic Chameleon of the Arts.

is here!
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